Welcome to the SCCYCC website

The South Coast Community Youth Cultural Center (SCCYCC) , a 501(C)3, is working to establish collaborative relationships with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, local public schools and other social service agencies to address the urgent and long-term needs of our community's kids in need. These collaborative efforts and SCCYCC's broad-based curriculum provide a unique and advantageous after-school program to affectively service  kids in need.  We encourage you to learn more about SCCYCC programs, our philosophy and ways in which you may help the SCCYCC go after its mission.  


Phone:Tony Becerra 805-689-3540, Jason Miller 650 784-2704
Fax: 805-564-8001
Email:Tbecerra@youthculturalcenter.org or Jmiller@youthculturalcenter.org

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