Welcome to the SCCYCC website

The South Coast Community Youth Cultural Center (SCCYCC) , a 501(C)3, is working to establish collaborative relationships with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, local public schools and other social service agencies to address the urgent and long-term needs of our community's at-risk youth. These collaborative efforts and SCCYCC's broad-based curriculum provide a unique and advantageous after-school program to affectively service at-risk youth.  We encourage you to learn more about SCCYCC programs, our philosophy and ways in which you may help the SCCYCC go after its mission.  


Phone:Tony Becerra 805-689-3540, Jason Miller 805-729-4541
Fax: 805-564-8001
Email:Tbecerra@youthculturalcenter.org or Jmiller@youthculturalcenter.org

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